The Lakes Country Club provides two regulation Paddle Tennis Courts to all Lakes' Residents. Paddle Tennis is a modified version of tennis, though easier to learn and play. People of all ages are drawn to the game. Seniors, middle aged and young alike, love the ease of play. Paddle Tennis can be played as a casual, social activity or a fierce competition.  

A paddle tennis court measures 20’ x 50’, which is approximately two and a half times smaller than a tennis court. The net is also lower, 31” compared to 36”. It is played using a solid paddle with aerodynamic holes in the head of the racquet. The tennis ball has been punctured with a needle or safety pin to reduce the speed of the ball. Players use an underhand serve. Except for the serve, the strokes in paddle tennis are the same as in tennis. The smaller court allows extra play at the net.

Player: 4 players in a doubles format
Serves: Serve must be underhand. A second serve is allowed in the event of a fault, as in tennis.
Score: Scoring method is the same as in tennis. Matches are best of five sets.
Ball: Tennis ball with a reduced pressure
Court: 20’ x 50’ fenced court

Paddle Tennis Play
Paddle tennis courts 1 & 2 are on an “open play,” first-come first-served basis, with no reservations required when the courts are not in use for organized play. 
Matches are played three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 a.m.
If you do not own your own paddle, we have them available to purchase or borrow.                      
Beginner and Intermediate Group Lessons will be conducted as needed and can be requested by new and continuing players.

Comfortable, athletic sportswear.