The Lakes Country Club was host of the first Professional Pickleball Federation Tour and is home to the National & U.S. Open Men's Pickleball Champion, Marcin Rozpedski

Here you will find information about Pickleball activities, schedules, lessons, up-coming tournaments &  events.
Pickleball is often described as a mix of table tennis, tennis and badminton played on a mini tennis court with an over-sized paddle and ball similar to a whiffle ball….it is fast, fun, addictive and can be played by people of all ages and athletic abilities!
There is nothing more fun than getting on the court with players of similar ability…’s common to hear “I’ll play one more” and still hear it 5 games later!
Come and Join The Fun
A lot has been accomplished in the last few years introducing Pickleball to The Lakes Country Club. For this a BIG thank you goes to our Director of Sports and Gold Medalist, Marcin Rozpedski as well as our club Member, Bob O’Brien.
The 9 new courts are in full swing and are very busy most mornings. Our “Intro to Pickleball” was a huge success with a tremendous turn out, bringing many new members to our Pickleball Club. The Pickleball courts are for all Lakes CC residents: Play on pickleball courts 1-9 and paddle tennis courts 1 &2 is on an “open play,” first-come first-served basis, with no reservations, for any times when the courts are not in use for organized play. 
If you choose to become a member of The Lakes Pickleball Club (LPBC)
       .  During the season you will receive a twice monthly newsletter via email
       .  Notice of changes in time of play
       .  Upcoming events inside our club, as well as team activities with other clubs
       .  LPBC Club meeting dates and times. Club members are encouraged to attend
Becoming a LPBC Member is easy. Just sign up at the racquet center and we will add you to our growing roster. New members are always welcome.
We look forward to having a great Pickleball Season with our returning members and our many new members. It is a great social activity no matter what your skill level is.

2017 Pickleball Events

Season Ending Exhibition "Cinco de Mayo"
ALL MEMBER Dinner (Pickleball &Tennis)
May 05, 2017