The Lakes Memorial Library

Open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Lakes Memorial Library was constructed in the Tennis Club building during the summer of 2007 dedicated later that year in November and popular with members and guests since. Our dedicated Members volunteer to oversee the library daily keeping books properly shelved for our convenience, thins stock when we have multiple copies and then donates them to a local charity.
The library houses almost 2,500 volumes of fiction, biography and non-fiction as well as a small collection of current magazines, audio books, movies, games and puzzles. Members are welcome to borrow and return books as well as other media on the honor system. 
A reference section houses Club documents and records. Eventually, we expect to include binders containing our governing documents, copies of Board and Committee minutes and reports of membership surveys and other projects. Most materials are acquired by donation and a list of media we can and cannot accept is posted in the library and below.
Our extensive lending library is stocked with puzzles, games, hundreds of books and two computer workstations with WiFi Access.Please stop in to take a look, borrow a book or just to enjoy this tranquil space with a fabulous view.
The Library does accept donations. Please review the list of acceptable and non-acceptable items:

Clean / Good Condition
Fiction / Non-fiction
Hard Cover / Paperback
Current Travel Books
Audio Books,  CD / Tape
Movies, DVD / VHS
Music CDs
Cook Books
Jigsaw Puzzles
We are unable to accept the following items:
Dusty / Torn
Adult Rated
Text Books
Travel Pamphlets / Maps
AAA Guide Books
Medical Books
Instruction Manuals
Children’s Books

Donor Form

Since opening, many members have paid tribute to family or friends with a donation to the library. Gifts of $100.00 or more are acknowledged with a plaque displayed on the memorial wall.  Donated funds are used to purchase enhancements for the library. Please keep the library in mind as a way to pay tribute to a loved one.

Library Tips for our Visitors

  • Place all returned or donated books and other media on the table at the library entrance. The librarian will reshelf them in the proper location.
  • Printer paper is available in the Tennis shop next door for those using the computers. Used ink cartridges are recycled and replaced by the Clubs receptionist who may be reached at Ext. 100.