Coming this year, our new spa will feature three treatment rooms as well as a steam, sauna and locker rooms.

We carefully selected the best therapists with 500+ hours of training and experience.  Our therapists possess training in their specialties having worked with physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists to guarantee your safety, quality of treatment and satisfaction. To book your appointment or if you have any questions, please call 760.610.8103.

60 / 90 Minutes  • $90 / $120

Relax and soothe your body with the stroking and kneading movements of this comforting massage. These techniques increase blood circulation and tone muscle and skin tissue. You are left feeling relaxed and with a sense of well-being. An excellent treatment for relieving tension and reducing stress.

60 / 90 Minutes • $90 / $120

Foot and hand treatment plus back. The theory of reflexology is that all parts of the body, including organs, are correlated to specific zones/energy points in the feet and hands.  This unique method of using mostly the thumbs and fingers on those reflex areas relieves stress and tension and benefits all areas of the body.

60 / 90 Minutes • $100 / $145

Specific, advanced, deep tissue body work which helps you feel comfortable and relaxed in your body. This specialized body work realigns the body into upright posture.

60 / 90 Minutes • $100 / $145

Functional Integration is a hands-on form of tactile, kinesthetic communication. The practitioner communicates how you organize your body and through gentle touching and movement, conveys the experience of comfort, pleasure and ease of movement while you learn how to reorganize your body and behavior in new and more expanded functional patterns.

60 / 90 Minutes • $100 / $145

A firmer massage with stretches effective before or after exercise for golfers, tennis players, runners and all athletes.  The purpose of this massage is to prepare a person for better performance, to promote flexibility; reduce fatigue and tension in the muscles, and to prevent injuries.

60 / 90 Minutes • $100 / $145

Deep layer manipulation of muscle and connective tissues to release toxins, spasms and tension. Massage therapists use slow strokes targeting knots to relieve pain and restore normal movement. Recommended for experienced massage clients.

60 / 90 Minutes • $100 / $145

Targets your individual chronic problem areas and conditions using different techniques as needed for individual situations.  Recommended for headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder and neck pain, fibromyalgia and post physical therapy. This extensive massage treatment is recommended by doctors, chiropractors and other health practitioners

Starting at $85

Lip $15 / Eyebrow $25 / Facial Wax $45 / Under Arm $25

Additional $10 fee for non-Member Guests. A 24-hour advance notice to cancel is required to avoid a cancellation fee of the full service charge.