Exceed Your Expectations

One of our newest additions to the Clubhouse, is our enchanting Wine Room. Open to all Members for booking; enjoy your next dining experience with cuisine prepared specifically for you and your guests by our culinary team.

Booking Availability

NOVEMBER - MAY | 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. | Wednesday - Sunday

  • Occupancy: 12 Maximum
  • Minimum Charge: $700
  • Corkage Fee: $20
  • Reservations: Required

Clubhouse including Event Center, Mountain View Bar, Grill & Terrace (Except as noted below for Santa Rosa Room):

  1. General: Members are responsible for their guests and children adhering to all dress codes of the Club. Club management has the final determination on inappropriate/questionable attire. Members, please inform your guests of the dress code prior to coming to the Club.
In all areas of the Clubhouse, both inside and outside on the terrace, shoes and tops are always to be worn. Golf attire is permitted; Men's shirts must be tucked in except for square hemmed type shirts (Tommy Bahamas, etc.). Tasteful tees must be tucked in: On the terrace hats, caps & visors must be worn bill forward.
For Club and House/Social events – dress will be specified in event details.
  1. Acceptable Attire:
    1. Golf attire – Including Men's and Women's golf shorts (samples of appropriate length clothing can be found in the Golf Shop).
    2. Casual attire including shorts (no short shorts).
    3. Denim in good repair without any rips, tears, frayed ends, or holes and/or not overly faded ("Acceptable Denim").
    4. Sweaters, Turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks (1" collar) and Shirts/Blouses.
    5. T-shirts (provided they are tasteful, not torn, cut off or frayed).
    6. Tennis warm-ups (with appropriate cover-up).
    7. Women’s skirts/dresses and slacks - Samples of appropriate length clothing can be found in the Golf Shop.
    8. Hats and caps (bill forward) on the Terrace only.
  2. Un-Acceptable Attire:
    1. Short-shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, halter tops.
    2. Sweat suits, bathing suits, bare midriff garments, bare feet.
    3. Shower sandals or similar inappropriate clothing.
    4. Men may not wear tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or undershirts.
    5. Additionally, men are not permitted to wear head coverings (caps, visors, or hats), except for religious or medical purposes in the Clubhouse. However, they may wear hats, caps (bill forward) on the Terrace.
Santa Rosa Room:
  1. Acceptable attire as defined above is permitted provided, however, that:
    1. Acceptable Denim is permitted for men if worn with a collared shirt or Tommy Bahama style shirts. Women must wear an appropriate top with Acceptable Denim.
    2. No shorts, tennis, athletic or beach attire is allowed.
    3. Sports Coats and or Jackets are Recommended
  2. Men may wear shirts with no collar or mock turtlenecks provided they are tucked in and have no slogans or printed materials other than the manufacturer's logo (2"x2" max).