Personal Trainer Bios

Personal Trainer, FST Level 2 Practitioner, Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Honri has been a part of The Lakes Personal Training team for two seasons, his multiple achievements include NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, FST (Certified Fascial Stretch Therapy) Level 2 Practitioner, GYROTONIC® Expansion Systems Certification, 500-hour Certification Hatha ISHTA Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, Core & Logic Certifications, as well as Ann Wigmore Institute Certification on Natural Health.

Honri has trained using various modalities to best serve his clientele; working with breathing techniques, stress management, central nervous system entrainment and empowerment skills to eliminate stress, pain, and anxiety.

He enjoys teaching Yoga, Stretch, Spin, and various Sculpt/Core group fitness classes where he can connect with each of their participants to better service their needs.
Honri has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an Associate Degree in Accounting.
Ace (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal trainer and N.C.C.P.T (The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers) Group Fitness Instructor.
Kriss brings forth 25+ years of experience in Health and Fitness.
He has been part of The Lakes Personal Training team for the past 3 seasons, assisting his clients in reaching their goals and creating new ones.

Kriss provides multiple skills and knowledge in designing and creating an individualized and fun program for each of his clients to best suit their needs. He and his College track Team ranked 1st in the nation for the 4x400m Relay, he competed in the 2012 L.A Marathon and placed 5th in The Tucson Natural Bodybuilding Competition, you can say Fitness is Kriss’s happy place!
Kriss is also certified in T.R.X® Suspension Training, Stick mobility®, Power plate®, Senior Fitness and most recently in YogaBody as a Stretch Coach from The Science of Stretching Program. He always strives for greater knowledge and expertise. It brings him great joy to support his clients on their fitness journey by understanding their goals and applying customized science-based programming to help them achieve their best Health and Fitness.
ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Fitness Trainer, Registered Nutritionist, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Juan Carlos, better known as Coach JC in his strength training classes is a former professional Rugby player, he and his team brought his Country of origin, Colombia, to the qualifiers in the 2004 World Cup. For the past 20 years Juan Carlos has dedicated his life and passion to helping his clients transform, from losing weight, gaining muscle to reaching optimal health and conquering their goals. A cancer survivor himself, Juan Carlos aims to create an impact in all those clients he interacts with on a day to day basis so they can also overcome any challenges they might be facing. Juan Carlos has been part of The Lakes Trainers team for one season and looks forward to many more. He feels his ability to work and interact with large and diverse groups of people enables him to better deliver his client’s goals in all things Fitness, Sports Performance and Nutrition.
Selena is an IFTA (Interactive Fitness Trainers of America) Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Selena is a dedicated certified personal trainer with over five years of experience in the fitness field. Specializing in weight loss, strength training, flexibility, mobility, and balance, Selena is committed to helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals effectively and efficiently. Whether you are looking to shed pounds, build strength, or improve your overall balance and mobility Selena will create and craft a customized program tailored just for you.

She enjoys playing softball, hiking and most recently learning how to play golf, she enjoys spending any free time with her husband and two year old daughter Liliana.
ASFA (American Sports & Fitness Association) Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor certified in Barre, Aqua, and Zumba.

Marlisa better known as coach Marly has been in the fitness industry for over a decade. She started her fitness journey at a pivotal time in her life when she was extremely overweight and had several health issues starting to progress. The doctors said that if she continued down that path, she would not be present to see her three sons grow up. It was then, when she had a life changing realization, that she wanted to be the healthiest she could be, not only for her and her sons but to create a positive impact on other people’s lives that were struggling with similar challenges. Marlisa fell in love with Fitness and Wellness and never looked back. Since then she has become a bodybuilding amateur competitor in the wellness division, she has competed in 7 shows for the past 5 years and will be stepping back on the stage this year to earn her ProCard.

Marlisa’s passion for fitness is helping others strive for a better version of themselves, and to help guide, coach and encourage those in need of a healthier lifestyle. Her greatest satisfaction is seeing how her clients achieve milestones and blossom into stronger version of themselves.

On her free time, she enjoys hiking, bike riding, art, dancing, and competing.
ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Personal Trainer, NASN (National Association of Sports Nutrition) Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Certified Spartan Coach and Spinning Instructor.

Chris has an extensive background in Strength Training and Sports Nutrition, with over 30 years of experience Chris has transformed his clients lives in the most positive way. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science as well as multiple Wellness and Health certifications. Chris is a former Fitness Center Owner and multi-chain supplement store manager who has dedicated his life for the success of his clients. Chris has a passion and love for helping people live their happiest and best lives through healthy living, nutrition, and movement.

Chris is a competitive athlete and a championship bodybuilder, his hobbies include football, soccer, golf, cycling, hiking, reading, writing, movies and most importantly spending quality time with family.