A Lively History in the Desert

‚ÄčA Dream Of An Oasis In The Desert Becomes A Reality

Developer Bill Bone’s reputation for imaginative design was well-known, and in 1982 he turned his attention to creating a unique all-condominium community, built around 18 holes of Ted Robinson-designed golf, a resort-style racquet center, and 200 lakes scattered through his newest community.

The goal was to provide a place like no other, an oasis in the desert, with park-like common areas entirely owned and operated by the community.

The 1980's

Work began in 1982 with the construction of 18 holes that would define the golf course and the meandering tree-lined streets of the Community’s neighborhoods. Other pieces were added, a Racquet Center with 15 championship courts and a 43,000-square-foot Clubhouse that would become the centerpiece of the Community.

By mid-decade, the construction of 75% of the final number of homes had been completed and sold. In 1986, owners took possession of all Community assets, Golf Course, Racquet Center, Clubhouse, 44 individual pools and spas scattered throughout the neighborhoods, and acres of beautifully landscaped common area. A year later, owners voted to add nine holes of golf and engaged Ted Robinson to design the expansion. By the end of the decade, owners had added a community Picnic Area and playground with basketball, volleyball, croquet, shuffleboard, swings, and slides for family and community gatherings.

The 1990's

Owners spent the early 90’s settling in to enjoy what they had acquired, but in 1997 voted to add a Fitness Center with the latest in exercise equipment. The addition rounded out and defined what the Lakes would be for the following 20 years.

The 2010's

The new century began with a greens rebuild on all three courses that included some reshaping of slopes and a minor expansion of the original designs. By 2015, owners began looking at the feasibility of a significant upgrade to the Community’s facilities. 

In 2019, the 20/20 Project Plan was approved for the build of a brand new Lifestyle & Wellness Center, demolition of the Fitness Center to add more parking, a wall-to-wall remodel of the existing Clubhouse adding 7,000 sq. ft., conversion of the Golf Starter House to Charlie’s dining venue, and upgrades to the Racquet Center courts to include the newly popular sports, Pickleball and Pop Tennis.

Construction began that year with Charlie’s, additional parking, the Lifestyle & Wellness Center building, and the Clubhouse remodel.

The 2020's

By the beginning of 2020, Charlie's was fully operational in serving cafe-style dining options. The new Lifestyle & Wellness Center building was constructed with the late addition of a Lap Pool.

In November of 2021, the 20/20 Project Plan was completed, celebrated with a grand opening of the new Clubhouse. The Racquet Center comprises 9 Pickleball Courts, 8 Hard Surface Tennis Courts, 4 Pop Tennis Courts, and 2 Clay Courts. 

The dream is now a reality; with five-star resort amenities, beautifully maintained park-like surroundings, and owned and operated by the members, the oasis is here.