LLGA & Niners'

Welcome to The Lakes Ladies Golf Association: Fun & Camaraderie at The Lakes

The LLGA is a non-profit organization, comprised of three groups, LLGA 18 Holers, Niners, and Emeritus Members. They are designed to promote the advancement of golf and good sportsmanship when participating in Mixers, Team Play, Member/Member, Member/Guest, tournaments, and social activities. They follow all guidelines set by Southern California Golf Association.

Mission of LLGA

  • To promote the advancement of golf, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship through activities and events.
  • To educate members on the Rules of Golf by those established by the United States Golf Association and encourage member compliance with these rules.
  • To maintain a recognized system of handicapping.
  • To conduct meetings, formulate policies and regulations deemed necessary, and act as a group for discussion of matters about maintaining high golf and social standards​.

LLGA | 18-Holers

Also known as the 18-holers, are those who only participate in 18-hole play and attend LLGA functions.

LLGA | Niners'

Why not participate in only nine holes of golf? While Niners' do hold their private functions, they sometimes participate in LLGA events. Niners' signups are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They may, at any time, become an 18-hole player by paying the difference in fees and fulfilling the LLGA Bylaws and Rule requirements for 18 holes of play.

Emeritus Members

This group is comprised of LLGA Members who no longer play golf, but wish to attend LLGA social non-golf events.